We offer direct hire recruitment for all levels within an organization, from entry level to the C‑suite.

With an appreciation for the support that companies and organizations need from a recruiter, we tailor our approach to accommodate each client’s needs, with an emphasis on being thorough, transparent and highly responsive. We spend time upfront to understand the goals of the search, fully understand the core competencies required in a candidate, and help determine the right fit for the organization.

We listen, collaborate, and partner closely with hiring managers, HR, search committees, board members, and leadership teams to guide each search. 

How We Work

Candidates are submitted only after they are fully qualified and interested in the position. Therefore, there may be a smaller volume of resumes for a client to consider, but they will be quality professionals.  On occasion, we will discuss a candidate’s credentials upfront with a client before moving too far into the process.

Communication with the client and candidates is a crucial element of the process. We will update clients on the search status regularly and will provide supporting information. Candidates are also kept apprised of interview status in a timely manner, and typically communicate directly through Hudson River Career Resources, unless otherwise requested by a client.


Adjusted to fit the needs and requests of each client.

  1. Source candidates
  2. Conduct initial screens
  3. Conduct full interviews
  4. Prepare all interview notes with recommendations
  5. Formally submit candidates; one email will be sent including resume, cover letter, notes, and additional supporting documentation
  6. Arrange and coordinate all interview logistics for each round of interviews
  7. Conduct follow up meetings, assessments and candidate review with client
  8. Conduct reference checks
  9. Prepare offer in partnership with client
  10. Present offer if requested
  11. Assist with any negotiations
  12. Finalize offer details and determine start date

Talent Acquisition Coaching

Developing, managing and refining your staffing processes is an ongoing effort. Our Talent Acquisition Coaching and Training supports your managers and HR staff in developing facility in these critical skills.