Hudson River Career Resources works with clients from all professional disciplines who have varied levels of experience. Some are re-entering the workforce, making a career change, or have been affected by organizational changes. Some are simply seeking a new opportunity.

Our highly personalized and comprehensive outplacement services assist companies experiencing a downsizing/reduction in force/layoff. These are invaluable programs to offer affected employees. By offering a blend of strategy, practical tools, and personalized guidance to professionals, they will be better prepared for their next opportunity, and will have transitioned smoothly from one organization to another.

We are distinct because each meeting is highly individualized, confidential, and conducted one-on-one. This approach makes an incredible difference in the level of support, privacy, and quality of services. It also helps create a strong sense of rapport and trust.

We take a very thorough approach to working with clients. First, we conduct a meeting to learn about a job seeker’s career objectives, motivators and work history. Often these meetings are structured much like an interview to keep the client in a professional mindset.

The resume will fully highlight an individual’s career experiences, accomplishments and education. It will serve as an accurate profile and snapshot of the job seeker’s goals and abilities in a way that encourages a potential employer to want to learn more in an interview.

To complement a search strategy, clients will be provided with current job market information and trends to help them see the big pictures, and how their skills and goals fit into the economic landscape.

Key Benefits

An employer can recognize the following by offering outplacement services:

  • Direct support to affected employees
  • Risk mitigation
  • Decrease in unemployment claims
  • Maintenance of company image within the community
  • Message to current employees that the Company takes care of its employees under any circumstance
  • A reduced turnaround time in obtaining interviews and receiving new job offers


The following partial list of services can be tailored as requested by employer or employee:

  • Assistance acknowledging, accepting and managing change
  • Initial assessment of career history, accomplishments and future goals
  • Identification of key knowledge, skills and abilities
  • Preparation of resume
  • Preparation of cover letter
  • Interview skills training
  • Discussion of next career steps, to evolve into a search strategy
  • Formulation of full search strategy and related goals setting, including educating employee on specific online and other resources, and how to use them effectively
  • Establishment of a LinkedIn account or other social media outlet for career search purposes
  • Networking tips and leads
  • Scheduled update and progress calls, and coaching
  • Phone and/or email accessibility for duration of services, which may include general questions, advice, suggestions, or review of job postings

Program Options

Each program is customized based on needs of the professional, and further distinguished based on career level. (Group workshops are also available.)